As the 'centuries-old ancestor' in Franconian Wine Country, Silvaner reflects many Franconian attributes. Experts call it the 'true' Franconian wine. The vines have excellent yield and longevity, but are demanding in terms of site selection. They are stocky in stature, but with irrepressible vitality and energy. In this traditional variety, one tastes, quite strongly, the qualities of the soil. Its medium-sized, juicy grapes deliver a full-bodied, powerful wine with a neutral bouquet and a delicate, mild acidity, which is ideal for dry maturation.

At the Wirsching Estate, the Silvaner is one of the most important grape varieties. In great years, the wine surprises with a playfulness and elegance that is unmatched. Thanks to its unobtrusive nature, it is ideally suited as a companion for many, many foods, both; both, as a simple table wine with a light cold meal or as a noble wine for fine dining. The ideal companion for any menu.

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