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The less demanding Bacchus vines prefer deep soils which are rich in nutrients. The cross between Silvaner x Riesling x Muller-Thurgau is named after Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. The wines are fruity and substantial, with a flowery bouquet and the slightest touch of nutmeg. The aromatic and wholesome Bacchus is the ideal wine for people who are just starting to explore the mysteries of Franconian wine. One should enjoy it with rich and spicy foods. However, the Bacchus is becoming more and more popular as a 'Schoppenwein' - a wine enjoyed by the glass.

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Muller-Thurgau or Rivaner

'The classic and new Franconian - this early-maturing variety with its loose, yellow-greenish grapes, produces soft, fruity wines with a pleasant nutmeg aroma. It is named after its creator, Dr.Hermann Muller, from the Swiss canton of Thurgau. The Franconian Muller-Thurgau is a pleasure to drink when it is very young. Thanks to its mild fruit acidity it is particularly wholesome. Therefore, in Franconia, it is a popular 'Zechwein' - a simple, but flawless everyday wine. Rivaner is a synonym for this variety. At the Hans Wirsching Estate, the term stands for light, fresh and fruity wines with a lower alcohol content and a less pronounced earthy flavour. Young Muller-Thurgau or Rivaner wines impress with their liveliness and freshness. They are ideal companions to light, neutral and slightly aromatic foods and go particularly well with fresh garden cuisine.

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2017 Iphöfer Müller-Thurgau dry VDP.ORTSWEIN >> analysis and description

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This Franconian rarity has been known for a long time. Its origin can be traced back more than 1,000 years. The vines demand the highest standards in terms of conditions - deep soils that is rich in nutrients - and the location of growing sites. Nevertheless, the yields are very modest, rarely amounting for more than 50 hectoliters per hectare. In return, the Traminer compensates with premium wines featuring a unique, delicate bouquet. Its fragrance reminds one of tea or wild rose, vanilla or violets. Franconian Traminers are full-bodied with long lasting flavour and aroma that keeps very well. One enjoys it particularly with rich foods such as goose liver pâté or as a dessert wine.

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