The Wirsching Family came to Franconia in the 16th century and donated a vineyard to the church in 1630. This date marks the beginning of the family's activities in Iphofen. Since then, till the present, we have lived and worked thru the generations in the estate's main building which was built in 1550.


Due to difficult weather conditions, the wine growing operations in the 19th century was small compared to today. Besides the wine-growing business, the great-grandfather of today's active generation, Michael Wirsching, operated a thriving trade business. The property on Ludwigstrasse also had a large vegetable garden and the obligatory pigs, cows and chickens necessary to keep food on the table to feed a large swarm of children.


The turn of the century brought new difficulties upon the next generation: Andreas Wirsching was confronted by the phylloxera vine pest disaster, which, in the period from 1904 to 1911, all but completely destroyed the vineyards along the so-called 'Iphofen Mountain'. The First World War did the rest.

Hans Wirsching, his son, came back from the war as a young man and after his father's death assumed full responsibility. He decided to fight for Iphofen's languishing vineyards and the family's newly established estate. His most important achievements, as President of the local Winegrower's Association, was winning the battle over the opposition to plant new vineyards with grafted, phylloxera-resistant vines. He created a new name for the best Iphofen site, the Julius-Echter-Berg, and, with his own hands and the help of his sons, replanted vineyard for vineyard. Hans Wirsching became known for excellent Silvaner wines, he sold all the way to Berlin. In 1952, he planted the first Scheurebe vine in Franconia.

In the early 1960's, Hans Wirsching Jr., a gifted winemaker, brought back to Franconia from Munich, his brother, Heinrich, who was a graduate business economist there. From then on, these two brothers wrote the great success story of the estate. Thanks to their early commitment to land and farming consolidation and their particular dedication to Iphofen's vineyards, Iphofen has developed into one of the leading wine-growing communities in all of Franconia.

Dr. Heinrich Wirsching has shaped the development of the estate, which has grown and become known far beyond Germany's borders. The 'new style' that Hans had given his wines - fresh, reductive, elegant and slim - has become a trademark. Wirsching wine was present at the banquets of an American president, was taken throughout the world by Bavarian delegations, and, in 1980, even became the 'Mass Wine' of the Pope. The early passing of Hans in 1990 did not change the qualities that make Wirsching wines special.


Today, the new generation has already assumed its responsibilities: Andrea, eldest daughter of Heinrich Wirsching, is part of the management, mainly taking care of marketing and sales. Lena, his youngest daughter, completed her Bachelor in International Wine Business in Geisenheim and is now studying for a Master in Family Business Management. The sister's goal is to successfully continue in the estate's tradition of success thru the production of special world-class Silvaner, Riesling and Scheurebe wines.