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The Hans Wirsching winery ranks among the best known and largest privately held wine estates in all of Franconia. Now in its 14th generation, the Wirsching family has been making wine since the 1630's! with the vineyards that remained to him after the rootstock pest disaster (grape phylloxera) and two World Wars, Hans Wirsching Sr., continued in the family's tradition and philosophy of consistency and quality. Keeping faith with these ideals of the past generations he laid the foundation for an immaculate wine-growing operation. Then, in 1966, his sons, Dr.Heinrich Wirsching and Hans Wirsching Jr. (past away in 1990) continued to build the winery's reputation as they expanded the area of the vineyards under cultivation. Dr.Heinrich Wirsching, a prudent estate owner and visionary wine maker, has turned the estate into one of Franconia's leading Silvaner producers.

An exeptional background

The world-known vineyard sites in Iphofen „Julius-Echter-Berg“, „Kronsberg“ and „Kalb“ count together 90 hectares. The vineyards are cultivated and nurtured in harmony with nature. In doing so, we pay careful attention to reduce the yields of the vines in order to improve grape quality. Oak forests shield the particularly steep vineyard slopes to the north and east, thus providing for a special microclimate, an important requirement for a high quality viticulture. This mild climate and the long growing season allow the vines to absorb the minerals contained in the gypsum keuper soil and allows for a long ripening season. This gives our wines their fruity and full-bodied character, making them especially enjoyable.

Silvaner is with 38% of production the dominant grape in our estate, followed by Riesling with 19%. Müller-Thurgau, Scheurebe, Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder, Bacchus, Kerner, Traminer and the red varieties Spätburgunder, Portugieser and Dornfelder complete our assortment of wines.

Our ambition

The grapes are harvested by hand and processed as gently and carefully as possible. Here, centuries-old wine traditions blend with modern technology. In doing so, the freshness and liveliness are preserved in the wines as well as their vintage and varietal character in the form of specific aromas and flavour nuances. The maturation of the white wines occurs mostly in stainless steel tanks, while the red wines await their perfection in both in old wood and Barrique. A small amount of the white and red wines are also matured in Barrique barrels. The Wirsching winery is a specialist in 'Franconian dry' wines. That is to say, they linger in the mouth to be savoured without any sweetness, in combination with a moderate fruit acidity.

In competitive wine tastings, at home and abroad, Wirsching wines consistently receive the highest recognition and top rankings which reflects the success of this philosophy of quality. These wines contain every possible finesse, aroma, intensity and elegance.