The people in the Hans Wirsching winery

Our Team

Dr. Klaus-Peter Heigel

has been responsible for production from the vineyard to the cellar since 2015 and, as an oenologist, shapes the quality of our wines.

Dr. Uwe Matheus

as a qualified oenologist and manager, he has been shaping the fortunes of the winery since 1993 and is primarily responsible for organisation and sales.

Simon Ender

is familiar with each of our vines as a master winemaker. His working life revolves around the vineyards and the people who work there.

Armin Huth

as a trained viticultural engineer, he has been our sales manager for over 35 years. He knows our customers, never misses an explanation and usually hits the nail with his recommendations.

We have a big team and love celebrating together!