The people in the Hans Wirsching Wine Estate

Wirsching family

As Grand Seigneur, Heinrich Wirsching is at the heart of the wine estate and the family. Being involved as partners, his four children have a share in the estate and participate actively. Andrea and Stefanie were born during his first marriage. Andrea has three grown-up children and lives and works at the estate as the general manager. Stefanie, mother of two grown-up children, is head of a department at the newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung. Considering the younger descendants, Michael has worked his way into the estate’s marketing and social media work and is now building up a new online strategy. Lena, who launched the “Sister.Act” with Andrea in 2011, studied wine business and family business, developed the “WirGin”, and is currently taking time to build up her young family. She will then take over the management from Andrea.

In the picture above: Heinrich Wirsching and his family:
From left Stefanie Wirsching, Andrea Wirsching, Dr Heinrich Wirsching, Michael Wirsching, Jutta Wirsching and Lena von Gemmingen.