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“Each site has its own characteristic conditions. The older the vines are, the better they can tell the story of the vineyard.”

Group 2 Iphöfer Kronsberg und Kammer


The Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg lies somewhat set back on the south-west side of the Schwanberg, a foothill of the so-called "Steigerwald". The old "Iphöfer Berg" has a gradient of up to 60 % in the upper area. It is a purely southern slope at an altitude of 280 to 380 metres and forms a basin due to a slope in front of it. Measurements have shown that it is the hottest vineyard in Franconia, with a surface temperature of 70°. The Keuper here is crossed by subterranean layers of reed sandstone. Above it is an old quarry that supplied the building stones for the Würzburg Residence. Our Great Growths come from this area. The flank in front, whose southern side still belongs to this site, is home to our Erste-Lage wines. The combination of Keuper and reed sandstone gives the wines of the Julius-Echter-Berge a high extract, an herbaceous spiciness and unique tension. They always have a particularly long development time.

Kronsberg and Kammer


The Iphöfer Kronsberg is one of the top Franconian vineyards, named after the “crown”, the end of the oak forest above the vineyards, below which lies the grotto with its Keuper profile. The Kronsberg divides into a deep area south of the Julius-Echter-Berg and an eastern flank that extends to the forest. It is a pure Keuper site, facing south, but cooler due to the air currents from the eastern forests. Its centrepiece is the Iphöfer Kammer. Kronsberg and Kammer wines are characterised by fine fruit, great harmony and elegance.



In the 15th century, vineyards from the “Kammer” site were part of the tithable vineyards of the Würzburg cathedral chapter. Now this old vineyard site has been reactivated and, from the 2018 vintage onwards, designates our Grosse Gewächse. The Kammer borders the Julius-Echter-Berg in the west and nestles below the so-called Grotte to the east until it reaches the middle of the Kronsberg. We use the name of the vineyard exclusively for our “Großes Gewächse” from Silvaner and Riesling.


To the east of Iphofen lies an independent mountain that was deforested in the Middle Ages and was therefore called the “bare mountain”. Here the gypsum content is higher and the wines are lighter in character. The first site wines grow on the southern flank, while we mainly harvest local wines on the western flank. The only exception is Gewürztraminer, which becomes particularly aromatic in this cooler area.