Grape varieties

“Silvaner – the Franconian, Riesling – the finest German grape variety, Scheurebe – the fruity speciality, Pinot – the future.”


Silvaner: the franconian classic


In Franconia, Silvaner is the most important grape variety, with a 40% share. In our wine estate, we only offer “Franconian dry” Silvaners, i.e. without any tangible sweetness (only exceptions: Auslesen and Beerenauslesen). Silvaner provides the taste of the soil on which it was grown. That is why its taste used to be called “earthy”.

In the nose, it smells reserved, but on the tongue, Silvaner unfolds its full power. Acidity does not play a significant role. It is a bit salty, herbal, sometimes a little flint and pepper in flavour and – depending on maturity and class – some pear or melon as fruity aromas. Silvaner is the ideal wine to accompany food, especially when the food is prepared as gently and naturally as possible, e.g. fish and vegetables.

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The king of German white wines plays an essential role in our estate with a 20% share. It is a noble grape variety with delicate fruity aromas and great elegance. In Franconia, Riesling is only found in the best sites and only on 5% of the total area under cultivation. Our Rieslings belong to Germany’s top ranks and win many national and international awards. Our gypsum soil provides the wine with lower acidity and a mineral character.

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Scheurebe is a speciality whose aroma reminds of Sauvignon Blanc. But it is much fruitier, although, in our estate, we only focus on dry Scheurebe. As a hybrid of Riesling and “Bukettrebe”, its aroma is sometimes reminiscent of blackcurrant,pink grapefruit or lychee. It is, therefore, an excellent match for Asian cuisine or dishes with a fresh and fruity character. And as it is so important to us, we do not need Sauvignon Blanc.

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Today, we have Burgundy’s climate 40 years ago, and our soil is also rich in lime and low in acidity. That’s why we are growing more and more varieties that also thrive there: Pinot Blanc (Weißburgunder), Chardonnay and some Pinot Gris (Grauburgunder). Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) is also getting more important for us, aged in a barrique barrel and as a Rosé wine.

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This was just a selection of our most well-known grape varieties. In our online shop you can find more grape varieties, blends and specialities.