The wine town of Iphofen was first mentioned in a document in 741 AD. It is located at the foot of the Schwanberg (Swan Mountain) 474m above sea level. The famous vineyards of the Julius-Echter-Berg, Kronsberg and Kalb surround this Franconian village. The municipality of Iphofen, with its six additional townships, belongs to the county of Kitzingen.

Although a little off, Iphofen is still part of the so-called Maingauklimazone (Main Valley climate zone), which means that the annual temperature averages between 7.5°C-8°C and that the annual precipitation is at about 500 mm. The historic part of the town with the perfectly preserved fortifications and walls holds many interesting sights, such as the Knauf-Museum. Besides the gypsum industry, wine production is Iphofen's most important economic pillar with approximately 290 hectares (717 US acres) of vineyard under cultivation.

For further information about Iphofen's history, accomodations, restaurants and sights please visit: www.iphofen.de